VMware Tanzu Application Service Certified to Run on Azure VMware Solution

October 1, 2021

Eric Horschman and Beena More co-wrote this post.

Do your digital transformation plans include deploying cloud native apps to a hyperscale cloud with an emphasis on security and DevOps practices? Then get ready for a rough ride because your IT team will need very scarce skills, as recently reported by 451 Research.

With those cloud native skills in short supply, enterprises are looking for an app platform that boosts developer and operations productivity while working across their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.

VMware Tanzu Application Service provides a battle-hardened, production-ready app platform that stretches from on-prem to multi-cloud offerings. And the most recent releases (2.7 through 2.11) of Tanzu Application Service have been certified to run on VMware Cloud Foundation and other VMware Cloud public cloud platforms

Now, it's time to add one more! Tanzu Application Service versions 2.7 through 2.11 are now fully certified with Azure VMware Solution. And with an eye to frictionless migration and continued supportability, we are working on compatibility testing for VMware HCX, our multi-cloud application migration and mobility platform.

VMware and Microsoft have a history of working together to accelerate development and deployment of cloud native apps with Azure. Earlier this year we announced an enterprise tier for the popular Azure Spring Cloud Service, a Microsoft-managed service for Spring that includes VMware Tanzu technology and offers enterprise-grade support, configurability, flexibility, and portability for enterprise Spring developers. Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier includes advanced configuration and integration capabilities. 

"Microsoft and VMware are building on their Azure Spring Cloud collaboration to launch a premier offering for the many enterprises that want the goodness of Kubernetes but not necessarily the hassle of configuring, tuning and managing it. This is truly a 'better together' story."

-Source: 451 Research, part of S&P Market Intelligence, Microsoft and VMware join forces to offer Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier; September 1, 2021

Tanzu Application Service on Azure VMware Solution now complements Azure Spring Cloud as the ideal platform for deploying and operating microservices-based apps on a VMware SDDC environment in the Azure cloud. No matter the destination, you can now easily move or stretch your workloads from Tanzu Application Service on-premises to VMware Cloud, VMware Cloud Foundation, or Azure VMware Solution.

Ready to take the next step? Learn more about Azure VMware Solution and Tanzu Application Service

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