Upcoming: Learn 5 Key Things About Running Databases in Containers vs. VMs

April 30, 2021 Bob Glithero

Virtualization and containerization are in VMware’s DNA. But did you know we’re also experts in databases? Greenplum represents more than 15 years of development experience parallelizing Postgres to crunch petabyte-scale data sets. Indeed, we’ve made more than 600 commits to the PostgreSQL project in the last 18 months alone.

And now we’re combining all that expertise to bring you our point of view on the realities of running database workloads in containers.

Join the Tanzu SQL team at Percona Live ONLINE, Wed., May 12, 2021 from 2-3 PM PDT

The conference is free! Our session will cover the differences between running databases in long-running virtual machines (VMs) vs. short-running containers and aims to answer the following questions

  • How quickly can a database be provisioned?

  • What are the real differences in performance?

  • What's it like to scale up and scale down for each?

  • How does recovery compare when there's a failure?

We’ll give you the practical realities and illustrate them with concrete examples and statistics. Get the real story, straight from VMware experts! Register for your spot today. Then visit the Tanzu SQL product page for more about our relational database offerings.  


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Bob Glithero

Bob is Senior Manager, Product Marketing for VMware Tanzu Data Services.

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