VMware Tanzu Expands ‘Kubernetes Everywhere’ to Sovereign Cloud

November 8, 2022 Camille Crowell

VMware continues to expand its VMware Tanzu Kubernetes portfolio to include new infrastructure types, providing customers with the right application components, tools, processes, and platforms to enable them to achieve a consistent developer experience, operations, and security. Today, the VMware team is pleased to announce that we are furthering that vision with availability of VMware Tanzu products on sovereign clouds.

Regulated industries and public organizations that require data locality and true sovereignty for their workloads can now benefit from VMware’s application modernization platform on the sovereign cloud of their choice. Sovereign-ready VMware Tanzu offers a cloud-smart approach for development and operations of Kubernetes that meets sovereign regulations and restrictions for application and data management frameworks.

Bringing sovereign cloud and Kubernetes together

The VMware team has long understood that regulated and sensitive industries struggle to meet compliance, environmental, and jurisdictional requirements, while still innovating. These organizations are being forced to assess their technology solutions within the context of local, state, and national regulations and requirements, several of which enforce data processing rules and restrictions. Organizations need to remain compliant while continuing to innovate.

Often these same organizations are also resource constrained. With recent economic pressures and global instability, highly regulated organizations are having to achieve more with less. Given the ever-increasing cost pressures they face, alongside dwindling resources and widening talent gaps, organizations need cloud-smart technologies, tools, and processes to help them most effectively deliver value to their stakeholders or constituents. They need curated and modern technology solutions that can help get their innovation on track, while remaining compliant. This is why the VMware Tanzu team is pleased to make several of its products available through our sovereign cloud partners.

VMware Tanzu provides the capabilities and services for building, running, and managing modern applications on any infrastructure. When deployed on sovereign cloud, the VMware Tanzu portfolio delivers a highly scalable, enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution for regulated and highly sensitive markets that need to maintain strict regulatory compliance and data. Customers can run and manage their applications consistently on a secure, scalable infrastructure bolstered by a conformant Kubernetes runtime.

Scalable Kubernetes available on sovereign cloud to align with compliance requirements

Customers will be able to get started quickly and easily on Kubernetes on the sovereign cloud of their choice. Not only can it be deployed as a local version of our Kubernetes products, but as an enterprise-grade solution, it gives customers the flexibility and capabilities to build, deploy, and manage application solutions that align with their specific sovereignty requirements.

VMware solutions for app modernization on sovereign clouds

The VMware Tanzu solution on sovereign cloud includes a Kubernetes runtime that can be hosted and managed by the sovereign cloud provider of your choice. It can also be deployed as a fully disconnected version of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid that includes the tools and open source technologies needed to deploy and consistently operate a scalable Kubernetes environment wherever you need it to run. Added open source components for observability, such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Fluent Bit, allow organizations to remain agile through the deployment and operational management of their clusters, while enabling enterprise-level compliance. Operators can streamline administration across cloud infrastructure types, giving developers a consistent experience across environments.

VMware Data Solutions are also available to enable compliant and conformant data management for highly regulated and sensitive industries. Customers have access to a self-service UI and API for lifecycle management of these services so they can tune their instances for optimal performance of their applications. For this initial announcement, VMware RabbitMQ is supported and globally available, and VMware Tanzu SQL is expected to become available this quarter.

In addition, VMware is working to add support for self-managed, private deployments of VMware Tanzu Mission Control, a global Kubernetes management plane, with the goal of allowing customers and partners who must operate in highly regulated, on-premises, and air-gapped environments to benefit from full Kubernetes visibility in a single private control plane. VMware Tanzu Mission Control enables management of Kubernetes clusters at scale and consolidates policy management so that resource-constrained organizations can operate their Kubernetes estates efficiently. The VMware Tanzu team is working on this offer via a private beta* program with selected customers and partners.

Further, VMware has made Tanzu Application Platform available for air-gapped deployments. With our announcement at VMware Explore US, Tanzu Application Platform 1.3 offers highly regulated and sensitive organizations the tools and services they need to unlock developer productivity while remaining secure and compliant with local regulations. With the ability to deploy Tanzu Application Platform into air-gapped environments, organizations can individually determine what components, upgrades, and patches they make available to the system so that they can operate consistently while increasing automation and security.

Learn more

If you are a potential customer and would like to learn more about VMware Tanzu products available through VMware’s Sovereign Cloud Partners, review the VMware Tanzu on Sovereign Cloud Solution brief

If you're an existing or potential VMware partner and would like to learn more about sovereign cloud solutions from VMware, please visit us online to learn more about the VMware Cloud Provider program and to sign up.

And if you are in Barcelona, please join us at VMware Explore Europe, and stop by our Sovereign Cloud booth at the VMware Pavilion. In addition, the following VMWare Explore Europe sessions can be viewed in person or on demand for more information:

· CMB2479EUR – A Customer Journey to Modernizing Their Cloud Using Datacom Sovereign Cloud Services

· VIM3070EUR – Learn how Sovereign Cloud Partners are Addressing Market and Customer Needs

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About the Author

Camille Crowell is a product line marketing manager who focuses on VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. Camille has worked in technology marketing for 16 years and is experienced in public, private, and hybrid cloud and open source technologies. She has built strategic marketing initiatives for early containerization platforms, and she has been a speaker at VMware Explore.

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