Bridge the AI/ML Divide Between Data Science and IT Infrastructure with DKube and VMware Tanzu

June 27, 2022

This post was co-written by Michaela Lindsay, PMM VMware Marketplace, and Ajay Tyagi, Sr. Director Marketing and Business Development, One Convergence.

One of the key challenges of commercializing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) projects is that IT and data science teams often operate in separate environments with very little synergy. As a result, AI/ML projects tend to incur high costs and rarely make it into commercial production. Now, with DKube Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Platform on VMware Tanzu, the divide between teams can be closed. 

DKube on VMware Tanzu enables you to save time, resources, and cost with IT and data science teams collaborating via best-in-class model operations and infrastructure management. Learn more about our partnership and how we work together by reading below and registering for our joint webinar on July 19


DKube is an MLOps platform created by One Convergence Inc. based on Kubeflow’s popular lifecycle management architecture model. DKube is further augmented with MLflow, bringing together powerful components and enhancing them with best-in-class capabilities, such as:

  • Feature engineering
  • Training
  • Tracking and lineage
  • MLflow-based metric collection and compare
  • Flexible data source integration
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment-based automation
  • Kubeflow Pipelines
  • Serving
  • Model monitoring

All of this functionality is integrated into a flexible, UI-based workflow that is intuitive enough to allow team members to collaborate on common AI/ML projects within hours of starting the installation. Given the open source foundations of Kubeflow and MLflow, customers have access to the top-of-the-line services  at much lower costs than other MLOps products in the industry.

DKube MLOps platform

The benefit of VMware Tanzu 

With the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products, VMware enables customers to make the most of modern applications on any cloud. The Tanzu portfolio provides the foundation of a modern application platform that drives scale across multi-cloud and Kubernetes operations—with the right levels of connectivity, governance, observability, and automation.

VMware Tanzu enables customers’ software supply chain to be more secure—all the way from application development to having their apps running in production. Moreover, the portfolio offers a cohesive developer experience across any Kubernetes to speed up application development and delivery cycles. It’s all about modern apps powered by VMware Tanzu.

How we work together 

With DKube MLOps Platform and Tanzu, data scientists and IT teams can more easily advance AI/ML projects from the research stage to commercial adoption and deployment. DKube is optimized to run on either private or multi-cloud environments, making it a perfect complement for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which offers companies a simple and consistent interface for Kubernetes workloads in any public cloud or private on-premises infrastructure.

Benefits and use cases

By utilizing DKube with Tanzu, teams can off-load the difficult, time-consuming task of integrating the hardware or infrastructure of a private or public cloud with authentication, storage, and data sources to DKube’s Helm-based installation and post-install scripts. With proper planning, DKube can be operational on your Tanzu Kubernetes cluster on the same day of installation.

Because it runs on top of Kubernetes, DKube works with the same look, feel, workflow, and reliability on any cloud-based platform including private cloud. Therefore, your work can be quickly and easily migrated back and forth as necessary.

One of the key innovations in the industry for AI/ML product development has been the concept of Kubeflow pipelines, which are built into DKube’s MLOps platform and automate the lifecycle management of Kubernetes-based AI/ML models. Kubeflow pipelines can run nearly anywhere Kubernetes can run, giving Tanzu and DKube customers a highly flexible and malleable platform for their AI/ML model lifecycle management. 

This flexibility is then combined with the broader aspects of ML lifecycle management on a modern UI or a software development toolkit (SDK). This solution on top of Tanzu is beneficial across a variety of industries that require complex modeling, including life sciences for early disease detection, pharmaceutical drug development, federal and defense contracting for geospatial analysis, and more. 

Learn More

To learn more about our partnership and how DKube and VMware Tanzu are working together to serve data scientists and IT teams, register for our joint webinar taking place July 19 at 8 AM PDT. The webinar will showcase a joint reference architecture and demo.

To get in touch, contact your DKube or VMware Tanzu sales representative.

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