Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Microsoft Azure Reference Architectures for Cloud-Native Applications

April 4, 2017

Best Practices for Becoming a Cloud-Native Enterprise

Many companies want to become a cloud-native enterprise. Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the most popular tool to help make this happen. And Microsoft® Azure™ is a common choice to host PCF for several reasons:

  • Global Reach. Azure has over 30 regions around the world.
  • Differentiated Services. The Microsoft Azure Service Broker for PCF exposes application services natively through PCF.
  • Deep Partnership. Pivotal and Microsoft have joint engineering teams working together, to ensure ongoing enhancements.
  • Integrated Support. Pivotal and Microsoft have integrated support teams, workflows, and ticketing systems to offer seamless support.

Customers have asked for advice on how to best deploy PCF atop Azure. To this end, this white paper encapsulates our learnings as reference architectures. These designs help enterprises deliver software continuously, in a secure and scalable way. We'll review recommended architecture patterns at the logical, platform, and application layers.

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