Introducing VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI), The Simple Way to Bring Kubernetes to Enterprise Customers

August 28, 2017 Pivotal Team

Pivotal®, in collaboration with VMware and Google, is excited to announce the launch of Pivotal Container Service™ (PKS) at VMworld in front of over 30,000 attendees. PKS is a commercially supported release of the open source Kubo project, adding two important new capabilities for Pivotal customers: a simple way to deploy and operate enterprise-grade Kubernetes, and a seamless mechanism to migrate to container-based workloads to run On-Premises on VMware vSphere and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“We see an open hybrid cloud ecosystem forming based on many technologists and providers coming together on Kubernetes, and Pivotal Container Service is a great way to run containers and Kubernetes on premises,” says Sam Ramji, VP Product Management, Developer Platforms, Google Cloud. “It gives you native access to Google Cloud services, and it's on the same release cadence as Google Container Engine. With Pivotal Container Service plus Google Container Engine, you get constant compatibility, and your services, and workloads are deployed the same way, anywhere you need them.”


Accelerating Cloud-Native Transformation

Working with Pivotal, customers such as The Home Depot, Verizon, Citi, Ford, Comcast, and other Fortune 2000 enterprises are already experiencing a 2,000% increase in developer productivity, as well as a 50% reduction in IT costs by going cloud-native.

"Acquiring the technical capabilities and the transformative culture associated with modern software companies is a matter of competitive urgency for most enterprises. To adapt, organizations need to provide their developers modern application development platforms to enable them to ship code continuously," says Rob Mee, CEO at Pivotal. "Pivotal and VMware, in partnership with Google Cloud, bring you Pivotal Container Service, a powerful new way to deploy and operate Kubernetes.”

Now, with the introduction of PKS, the cloud-native opportunity for all enterprises has expanded to include workloads where a container is the optimal vehicle to deploy software. These workloads can include legacy applications, stateful services such as databases, and clustered services, as well as applications that are already containerized by an ISV, and scenarios where an application team is already generating container images as their deployable artifact.

Working with PKS, developers get Kubernetes “dial-tone”, but without the burden of managing it: configuring Kubernetes, provisioning the underlying infrastructure, or responding to failures.


How PKS Solves Hard Problems: Running Containers Securely at Scale

Over the last few years, software containers have become a big deal, and according to Gartner 25% of workloads have been deployed using containers by the end of 2016. The wide adoption of containers has been primarily driven by developers, but challenges remain: how to operate and manage an environment in which these containers run securely at scale.

PKS is exactly that environment—a platform that allows application teams to self-serve provision Kubernetes clusters that are fully managed on their behalf, allowing them to focus on the workloads that serve their consumers rather than the substrate needed to run those workloads. The platform is enterprise grade, providing the following capabilities:

  • Production-ready: Highly available from apps to infrastructure, no single points of failure. Built-in health checks, scaling, auto-healing and rolling upgrades.

  • Fully automated Ops: Fully automated deploy, scale, patch, upgrade. No downtime. Use CD pipelines to deploy your platform, too.

  • Multicloud infrastructure automation: BOSH for automated infrastructure provisioning, configuration, operation, and remediation on any cloud or IaaS.

  • GCP access and compatibility: The GCP Service Broker allows apps to transparently access Google Cloud APIs from anywhere. GKE consistency to easily move workloads to/from Google’s Cloud.

  • Commercial support: Enterprise-grade assistance from Pivotal’s support network.


What’s Next: Cloud-Native Runtimes for Every Workload

Pivotal helps the world’s largest organizations operate at startup speeds by providing the best cloud-native runtime for every type of customer workload, accelerating innovation, boosting developer productivity, and automating cloud operations on any infrastructure or cloud.

In coming months, stay tuned for more from Pivotal as we continue to build out the modern cloud platform that will run your entire business.

Learn more about PKS here.

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