Dmitriy Kalinin

Dmitriy Kalinin is a Software Engineer at Pivotal working on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry projects.

  • without_page_refresh capybara helper

    without_page_refresh capybara helper

    I recently had to write a small capybara helper: def without_page_refresh page.execute_script("window._withoutPageRefresh = 'BAM'") yield ...

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  • Cedar and OCUnit

    Cedar and OCUnit

    tl;dr Latest version of Cedar can nicely integrate with Xcode just like OCUnit. Why When creating new Xcode project you might have noticed that New Project dialog has 'Include Unit Tests'...

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  • Too many parentheses

    Too many parentheses

    Cedar comes with its own built-in matcher library and here is Adam Milligan's blog post that explains on how to use it. An example of expectation written using Cedar matcher...

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