Kubernetes Guides and Software Development Practices from VMware Tanzu Labs

April 26, 2021 VMware Tanzu

What do you do with more than 30 years of experience in agile software development and industry-leading expertise in Kubernetes? You share it with the world!

For decades, the cloud native methods used by VMware Tanzu Labs for product and platform development have been adopted by enterprises, start-ups, and governments spanning the globe. We’ve worked on thousands of projects to help our customers realize meaningful product and platform outcomes and grow their business through our specialized consulting services. With each new client and project, Tanzu Labs consultants have contributed to an immense internal knowledge base. And now we are ecstatic to announce a new, groundbreaking initiative: We are open sourcing our renowned practices and patterns, on topics ranging from controlling Kubernetes Ingress with Contour, to workshops for identifying risky product assumptions, to breaking down monolithic applications into microservices, and more. 

Empower your team with proven expertise

As with all the information on the public Tanzu Developer Center, content detailing our renowned practices and patterns is now available to you, via GitHub. Tanzu Labs has always been committed to transferring knowledge to our customers using a collaborative approach. Now anyone looking to build better software can freely access the practices and technical expertise we’ve honed and iterated upon over decades in order to elevate their own practices and ultimately, their products. The published content covers a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Building, managing, and developing modern app platforms on Kubernetes

  • Product development

  • Application modernization 

  • Working with remote and distributed software teams

Our goal is to help build a community of passionate people who want to use software to achieve their goals. We welcome your suggestions and edits using a GitHub pull request, as outlined in our contribution guide

We’ve already published much of our application development practices and workshops, Kubernetes guides, and application modernization guides. We even have our first hands-on educational workshop for building and deploying a new cloud native application with Spring Boot and Kubernetes. These are all tactical resources designed to help people solve specific problems and implement specific techniques. And we’re just getting started!

Expect more to come 

Going forward, we will be packaging these and more resources into subject-specific, outcome-oriented collections that will help teams achieve their business goals.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Tanzu Developer Center blog, where we continue to publish new content, including details of any product updates.

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