Microservices API Management

May 1, 2017

Secure and Protect Backend Application Development

Apigee and Pivotal Cloud Foundry®

Ensure Consistent Security, Visibility, And Governance

As application teams adopt microservices with a variety of orchestration stacks, there is an urgency within enterprises to ensure consistent security and governance of all microservices APIs. A microservice that is internal today could be used externally tomorrow and needs to be secured. In addition to security, as teams build distributed applications using microservices, there is a need to monitor the performance of these applications and APIs. Finally, as microservices grow, one needs to discover and reuse them within and outside the enterprise.

Pivotal wants to make it as easy as possible to build, deploy, and run microservices. To that end, Pivotal and it’s partner, Apigee, have made several critical components of a microservices architecture into turnkey services that developers can deploy in Pivotal Cloud Foundry with a single click. Spring Cloud Services allows you to install, con gure, deploy, manage and secure microservices on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, with Service Registry, Circuit Breaker dashboard, and Con g Management. Apigee extends Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s microservices solution with security, visibility and governance. Operations teams can use Apigee Edge API management to enforce consistent security policies across all microservices APIs and gain visibility into usage and performance of these microservices.

Secure Microservices-Based Applications

Apigee Edge enables operators to apply consistent security policies, such as authorization and spike arrest, across all the microservices and applications that are being built in Pivotal.

Monitor Performance And Usage Of Microservices

Identify performance issues by tracking your microservices API tra c, response times, and error rates. Gain insights into usage of your microservices.

Increase Microservices Consumption

Publish your microservices APIs to a fully con gurable developer portal and enable app developers to easily get API keys and get started consuming your microservices.

Run Microservices At Cloud Scale

Deliver enterprise SLAs with a highly automated platform that scales with your business. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is multi-cloud, supports four layers of HA with zero-downtime deployments, and automates many day-to-day operational tasks for you.

How It Works

A modern microservices architecture is an extremely powerful topology that gives companies immense control over how they update and scale individual services. Instead of building and maintaining a service registry, con guration server, or circuit breaker dashboard, teams can quickly deploy managed Spring Cloud Services instances into their Pivotal Cloud Foundry space. Operators can let developers incorporate the Apigee Edge Microgateway directly into a Pivotal Cloud Foundry container and reside with their Pivotal Cloud Foundry application. This option is typically targeted at microservices use cases and scaling of Apigee microgateway that’s automatically handled by the containers. The Apigee microgateway will communicate asynchronously with Apigee API Management in the cloud for management and analytics.

For more information about Apigee Edge for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, visit: https://apigee.com/about/solutions/pivotal-cloud-foundry-apigee.

May 9 - Managing the Complexity of Microservices Deployments Webinar
May 9 - Managing the Complexity of Microservices Deployments Webinar

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