Pivotal Expands Partner Program to Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ)

Lionel Lim

Last year, Pivotal® launched its partner program, Pivotal Ready Partner Program (PRPP) on the strength of Pivotal's meteoric customer momentum. Today, we’re proud to expand our partner program to Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), designed to help Asia-based enterprises build and operate software at startup speed using the Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) platform.

The inaugural partners for the PRPP expansion across Asia include many of the world’s largest system integrators such as: TIS (Japan), Megazone (Korea), UEC (China), and ecQuaria (Singapore).

Enterprises in the Asia region are under pressure to digitally transform how they deliver software and data. Enterprises are making strategic, long-term decisions on the core platform-as-a-service that will underpin all future digital initiatives. In collaboration with our new ecosystem of partners, many enterprises have designated PCF as the cloud-native platform that will allow them to respond quickly and meaningfully to market opportunities and threats.

The APJ Pivotal Ready Partner Program enables system integrators and partners with software development capabilities to resell and implement solutions around PCF. Partners can join the APJ PRPP via two tiers:

  • Registered: the base-level tier where partners begin developing knowledge and expertise on PCF
  • Advanced: a more robust partner investment with Pivotal, including benefits such as discounted fees on select instructor-led courses, an assigned Pivotal Alliance Manager, and an appointed Pivotal Platform Architect. Advanced partners are building consulting practices to deliver application migration, development and management services and solutions for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

“These partners are leaders in their respective fields. We are thrilled to have them join us as inaugural Advanced Level members. Having such reputable partners on board serves to give customers the confidence that Pivotal can provide end-to-end capabilities to help them build and operate scalable and secure cloud-native applications environments,” said KM Tan, General Manager of Partners & Alliances in APJ at Pivotal. 

In response to the growing demand for PCF, partners from the world’s largest consultancies are diving in to be part of the cloud-native revolution with Pivotal.

"TIS welcomes the Pivotal Partner Program. After starting working with Pivotal last year we are now using Pivotal Cloud Foundry for our own solutions and quickly coming to grips with being cloud native. Digital transformation is a major concern for Japanese businesses today. As a step toward realizing that goal, cloud-native applications and a platform are absolutely necessary. TIS, through this partner program together with Pivotal is helping customers succeed in digital their transformation." -Fumiyasu Mase, Executive Officer, Financial Systems Div.1, TIS

"Partnering with Pivotal gives Megazone the ability to apply modern software development methodologies such as Agile, DevOps to build cloud-native microservices for Korean Enterprises. We are also proud to be given the opportunity to build up our services offerings around the best in class platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry. As a pioneer in the Korean Cloud market, Megazone will do its utmost to accelerate digital transformation for domestic enterprise customers with support from Pivotal." -Max Lee, Founder, Megazone

"UEC's strategy is to take advantage of the rapid developments around cloud and big data in China and offer appropriate solutions for our customers. In this regard, partnering with Pivotal gives us the competitive edge. Because of Pivotal’s holistic portfolio and the high quality of services it renders, we are better able to support digital transformation efforts of Chinese customers." -Wang Donghui, Chairman, UEC

"We are excited to partner with Pivotal in helping customers embark on their digital journey. The combined offering of a cloud-native platform with data tools, and a proven agile methodology allows us to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach in helping us transition our customers into the digital era." -Dr. Foong Wai Keong, President & CEO, ecQuaria

We are excited to work with APJ partners committed to helping Fortune 2000 companies operate at startup speeds; contact us at partners@pivotal.io for further information.

About the Author

Lionel Lim

Lionel Lim is the Vice President and Managing Director of Asia, Pacific and Japan.

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