Cloud Foundry and the Rising Tide

December 2, 2016



Pivotal’s efforts around developing and promoting Cloud Foundry as a cloud-independent operating system are striking a chord with a widening variety of organizations. This certainly involves enterprise vendors and service providers, like IBM and Savvis, but also extends to Web 2.0 players like Baidu. In other words, Cloud Foundry is anything but a one trick pony today and, over time, we expect it will find ever wider applications and success. In addition, Cloud Foundry’s market momentum suggests that cloud computing may also be fundamentally altering the role of open source and open standards. Rather than offering alternatives to often overblown packaged software, open technologies could hold the key for organizations to fully leverage the disparate platforms and tools that make up the vast majority of IT infrastructures. While energy and enthusiasm are figuratively buoying the Cloud Foundry community today, the absence of it and other open source and standards efforts could literally sink hopes for the future of the cloud.

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Pivotal Melds Big Data and Platform as a Service
Pivotal Melds Big Data and Platform as a Service

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