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Agile Transformation in the Age of the 3rd Platform

December 2, 2016

IDC Technology Spotlight

It has been said and repeated that software is eating the world. The heightened sense of industry disruption taking place today is largely enabled by software. A palpable shift in the understanding of the importance of software in recent years is rapidly morphing into a scramble to build software development competencies as enterprises cope with escalating disruption. But software is not easy. Software development is an intense discipline requiring deep and layered investment in technical skills. Software development is hard to learn and an order of magnitude or two harder to master. Software quality, productivity, and project success have persistently remained elusive. It is not enough to be able to build and deliver software. In order to build high-quality software in a timely fashion, organizations have to build a culture for effective software development processes.

Adapted from The Emergence of Microservices as a New Architectural Approach to Building New Software Systems by Al Hilwa, this Technology Spotlight explores evolving practices in successful software development, highlighting the importance of agile culture and its specific incarnation as offered by Pivotal.

Pivotal Raises Big Funding Round, Updates Flagship PaaS with User Experience Focus
Pivotal Raises Big Funding Round, Updates Flagship PaaS with User Experience Focus

Analytics in the Cloud
Analytics in the Cloud

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