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BOSH Backup and Restore is a command-line tool for orchestrating the backup and restore of TAS and related services. Use it to run automated backups of TAS, and to restore components when needed.

Structured Backup and Recovery for Cloud Foundry

Use BOSH Backup and Restore to reliably create backups of core TAS components and their data (CredHub, UAA, BOSH Director, and ERT).

Consistent, Distributed Backups

Each component includes its own backup instructions. This decentralized structure helps keep scripts in sync. Meantime, “locking” features ensures data integrity and consistent, distributed backups across your deployment.


Store backups in your preferred location—in the public cloud, or on-premises. Hedge against data loss by storing backups in a different cloud than your primary deployment.

Burning Down The House: How to Plan for and Deal with Disaster Recovery in CF


BOSH Backup and Restore is a framework for backing up and restoring TAS and other components. It triggers the backup or restore process on the deployment, and transfers the backup artifact to and from the deployment.

How it works

Operators trigger a backup or a restore for a BOSH deployment or BOSH director using the BBR binary on a jumpbox. BOSH Backup and Restore then looks at the jobs in the deployment or director for backup or restore scripts, and then triggers those scripts in the prescribed order. The artifacts are then transferred to or from the jumpbox. The operator is responsible for transferring artifacts to or from external storage.

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