The easy way to provide enterprise-ready SQL to your developers

VMware Tanzu SQL provides a relational database-as-a-service for developers that is fully compatible with MySQL and Postgres.


Provide self-service access to developers

Developers can spawn dedicated on-demand instances of SQL for new and replatformed applications without operator intervention. The service works the same in any cloud.

Automate database operations in developer workflows

Automated provisioning supports database testing and deployment in stateless, continuous integration and delivery pipelines such as Concourse for VMware Tanzu.

Support entire cloud native developer organizations

Take advantage of significant automation for operator and developer lifecycles. Install, manage, monitor, and update SQL in VMware Tanzu. Ensure deployments meet enterprise requirements.

Why VMware Tanzu SQL?

Tanzu SQL provides your choice of open-source database engines based on MySQL and Postgres. With Tanzu SQL, application developers can manage data services in the same way as the rest of the application stack with an easy UI and self-service APIs. Platform teams gain built-in automation that reduces effort to run and patch the clusters. Data teams can be confident that data is managed in approved, policy-compliant database instances.

Proven at scale for mission-critical apps

The world’s largest organizations trust their most important database apps to MySQL and Postgres. Why? Because these systems deliver time and time again.

Highly available and scalable

Tanzu SQL eases the operational overhead of running databases at scale with built-in backups, monitoring, and several layers of high availability.

Alternative to proprietary database engines

Tanzu SQL is a leading alternative for organizations that want to get away from the cost and complexity often associated with third-party databases.

Embedded security features reduce risk

Tanzu SQL is configured with sane and secure defaults so that the service meets user expectations for a general-use relational database.

Runs on any cloud

Install and self-manage Tanzu SQL wherever you like. Enjoy a consistent developer experience and disaster recovery strategy across cloud and large Tanzu Application Service deployments.

Key Features of MySQL

MySQL is a fast, multithreaded, multi-user relational database that enables enterprises to develop, test, and deliver high-performance and scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications.

High availability clusters

Data is replicated across three nodes simultaneously. If a node loses contact with the other two nodes, the other two nodes can continue to accept transactions.

Operational monitoring and logging

Metrics for monitoring service plan usage, service quotas, and MySQL component metrics. You can also export statistics to an external console.

Scale and availability

Scale up with simple commands and perform rolling deployments when upgrading HA clusters. Deploy to multiple zones to ensure availability with customizable VM and disk sizing.

Multi-site replication

Leader-follower instances in the same data center or spread across multiple data centers or geographical regions.


Supports encryption in transit and at rest. Restrict client connections to TLS 1.2 and above.

Service gateway access

Service-gateway access allows apps and other clients to connect to a Tanzu MySQL database from outside of the Tanzu Application Service platform.

Backup and Restore

Backup to an external storage target on a configurable schedule.

Key Features of Postgres

Postgres is a powerful, open-source relational database system proven in the enterprise for decades, with a strong reputation for reliability, extensibility, and performance.

Open source

Support for major Postgres versions 10 and 11.

High availability

Support for Patroni enables customized, high-availability clusters.

Backup and Restore

PgBackRest enables full and point-in-time restore for any disaster scenario.

Connected applications

JDBC and ODBC drivers are included for application access to the database.

Extensible for a variety of applications

Includes fully tested and supported extensions such as PostGIS, procedural languages, PgAudit, and more.

Support for a variety of data types

Includes documents, geometries, composites, and custom types.

Concurrency and performance

Support for advanced indexing, parallelization of read queries, nested transactions, and much more.

Reliability and disaster recovery

Including write-ahead logging, replication (asynchronous, synchronous, logical), point-in-time recovery, and active standbys.


Extensive authentication methods, robust access-control systems, column- and row-level security.

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