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RabbitMQ for Tanzu

Messaging - The Essential Connection Between Cloud Native Applications

Compatible with TAS

Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible with TKG
Can be consumed by apps on TKG

Can be consumed by apps on TKGI

Runs on TKGI with no dependency on TAS

借助RabbitMQ for Tanzu,开发人员可以使用RabbitMQ(广泛部署的开源消息代理)强大的消息传递功能轻松连接分布式应用。开发人员可以简化...

Provide Self-Service Access to Developers

Developers dynamically provision RabbitMQ instances to meet the messaging requirements of cloud native applications. Extensive client languages enable easy connections to off platform and migrated applications.

Support Entire Cloud Native Developer Organizations

Take advantage of significant automation for operator and developer lifecycles. Easily install, manage, monitor, and update RabbitMQ for Tanzu. Ensure deployments meet enterprise requirements.

Enable Connected Scalable, Distributed Applications

Reduce architectural complexity and deploy & manage resilient, scalable cloud native applications running on Tanzu.

RabbitMQ 概述

RabbitMQ is the most widely deployed open source message broker, with more than 35,000 product deployments worldwide. Companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises depend on RabbitMQ for their distributed application messaging. RabbitMQ provides: asynchronous messaging in multiple protocols, easy deployment and support for all popular programming languages, clustered deployments for high availability and throughput, enterprise-grade, cloud-ready security and high availability, management and monitoring capabilities, and plug-ins easily extend RabbitMQ capabilities.

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Operators download the service and install on their Tanzu deployments. Once the service is successfully installed and configured, the service is made available to developers through the Service Marketplace.

  • RabbitMQ for Tanzu offers on-demand, isolated, cluster plans and pre-provisioned multi-node RabbitMQ Clusters.
  • The On-Demand plans are operator-configured and enabled. Once enabled, application developers can easily provision their own RabbitMQ nodes and clusters from these plans. Application developers can choose to make their queues highly available by mirroring them at declaration and spanning them across multiple availability zones.
  • Pre-provisioned multi-node clusters are operator configured and deployed. Once provisioned, application developers can create service instances which access a cluster via RabbitMQ virtual hosts. Application developers can choose to make their queues highly available by mirroring them at declaration, or an Operator may apply a cluster wide HA policy.
  • Developers can create and destroy service instances and bind and unbind them to their applications via the App Manager or CF CLI.
  • Operators can automatically update all deployed service instances to the latest version of software when updating RabbitMQ for Tanzu to a new version.

The RabbitMQ for Tanzu service is available on the Network.