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TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition for VMware Tanzu

Simplify the Choreography and Integration for APIs and Microservices

Compatible with TAS

Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Can be consumed by apps on TKGI

Runs on TKGI with no dependency on TAS

正如Tanzu为开发人员消除了基础架构的复杂性一样,TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition也消除了集成API或微服务的复杂性,从而加快了上线速度....

Even Quicker Time-to-Market

Graphically choreograph the interactions between services, reduce the complexity of integration, and further speed time to market.

A Smooth Cloud Native Migration

Services that are not being rewritten as cloud native services can easily be leveraged by exposing them as RESTful APIs.

Perfect Fit for Business

With over 20 years of experience, TIBCO has the technology and experience to make integration a powerful asset.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition

TIBCO enables digital business solutions through smart technologies that interconnect everything and augment intelligence. BusinessWorks Container Edition simplifies building modern cloud native applications by graphically choreographing the interactions between various services, allowing developers to focus on the differentiating aspects of app development and speeding time to market.

More about TIBCO

“Through our collaboration with VMware Tanzu, our customers will have access to a top-of-the-line solution that combines the integration capabilities of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition with Tanzu's Cloud Foundry platform to build, test, and deploy Cloud Native applications at startup speeds.”

Matt Quinn, Executive Vice President, Products & Technology, and Chief Technology Officer, TIBCO


Developers can leverage the capabilities of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition and Tanzu Application Service by using the following features:

  • Design-time: TIBCO Business Studio offers a graphical user interface for visually building applications and integration processes while connecting them to a wide variety of APIs, systems, data sources, applications and platforms.
  • Runtime: Using the customizable buildpack, applications can be deployed to the Tanzu Elastic Runtime and tuned for the desired functional and performance requirements.
  • Integration with Tanzu Services: Applications built using TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition can leverage patterns such as:
    • Tanzu marketplace services and custom user provided services,
    • Third-party configuration management using Spring Cloud Config,
    • Service registry/discovery using Eureka.




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