Enterprise observability for multi-cloud environments

Monitor everything from full-stack applications to cloud infrastructures with metrics, traces, span logs, and analytics.


VMware Tanzu Observability Key Capabilities

Tanzu Observability delivers enterprise-grade observability and analytics at massive scale with granular controls. Use Tanzu Observability to roll out monitoring as a service to all your DevOps teams, including developers and SREs across the enterprise.

Analytics-driven custom metrics

Measure what matters most to developer, SRE, and Ops teams using advanced analytics-driven custom metrics.


Full-stack troubleshooting

Identify the root cause in seconds across any cloud, any application or any siloed tool.


Enterprise-grade platform

Scale your cloud services with our highly available, secure, and reliable platform.


Tanzu Observability Solutions

Enterprise observability–Full-stack visibility for any application, any cloud

Why we're easy to use

Correlate data across applications, infrastructure, developer and DevOps tools of your choice with packaged dashboards, metrics, and alerts.

Explore 220+ integrations

The world's leading companies trust Tanzu Observability

“[Tanzu Observability] gives us very quick insights and the best query language we could find to explore and understand our data. Since we rely on data and metrics to make our decisions, [Tanzu Observability] is an essential and indispensable part of our day-to-day operations.”

Pierre-Alexandre Masse, Engineering Director, Box

“[Tanzu Observability] actively partnered with us, seamlessly growing our monitoring capability by 300% ahead of a major new game release. We were able to utilize [Tanzu Observability] to perfectly inform us where we hit a snag, and visualize data to prove a successful fix.”

Nic Walker, Head of Technical Operations, SpaceApe

“The [Tanzu Observability] platform provides unparalleled visibility across all our cloud microservices helping hundreds of developers become more productive focusing on innovation, while enabling 8x8 to deliver exceptional SLAs and eliminate any issues with our cloud services.”

Dejan Deklich, Chief Products Officer, 8x8

“[Tanzu Observability] has made a huge impact in helping us identify and reduce production performance issues. Our operations team starts their day checking [Tanzu Observability], and uses its analytics all day long to help meet our customers SLA. It’s an awesome product.”

Bob Muglia, CEO, Snowflake

“[Tanzu Observability]'s powerful query language allows us to easily visualize and debug our time series data. Its well-tuned alerting helps us lower MTTD. Our engineers customize their own metrics to fully monitor their system’s health and performance.”

Jing Zhao, DevOps Software Engineer, DoorDash

“[Tanzu Observability] is the enterprise-wide monitoring platform used by hundreds of engineers across Workday’s ops and dev teams. With its unique analytics built on top of a common repository of full-stack operational data, [Tanzu Observability] enables better team collaboration and data-driven system improvements.”

Kevin Cantoni, VP Product Development, Workday

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tanzu Observability pricing model work?

We have a simple and flexible pay-as-you-go model. Our consumption-based pricing is based on the rate at which you send metric data to Tanzu Observability during the course of each month. This gives you the flexibility to start with any size application you want and scale up/down as needed. It is not dependent on number of hosts or the number of users. It is highly suited for cloud-optimized container-based, dynamic environment.

Do you have a free tier or freemium option?

Yes! The free Tanzu Observability offering is our Wavefront for Spring Boot Starter for developers. You get full application observability, delivered with free metrics, distributed traces, histograms, and span logs. The free offering includes:

  • Five days of metrics retention
  • Up to 50 points per second (pps) of metrics
  • Up to 25 spans per second (sps) of distributed traces, including OpenTracing and Sleuth support
  • Up to 10 distributions per second (dps) of histograms (distributions)
  • A 30-day free trial invitation for full-featured Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

Learn how to get started at https://docs.wavefront.com/wavefront_springboot.html

How do I budget for how much Tanzu Observability will cost?

Talk to us. We have a lot of experience with different customers and applications and can help you estimate your costs. The Tanzu Observability pricing starts at $1.50 per data point per second (pps) monthly. To give you an idea, a typical host configuration that is sending 100 metrics every 10 seconds would cost $15 per host per month.

The estimate is based on using Telegraf agent (one of many collection methods) to send data to Tanzu Observability. It provides comprehensive infrastructure metrics at up to 1 second resolution, with extra capacity for application and custom metrics. Your actual price may be lower based on quantity and frequency of metrics, and applicable volume discounts.

Do you charge for storing metrics data?

No, you do not pay any storage costs for your data.

What if I have an unexpected peak or burst of data in a month?

We understand that you may occasionally have peaks and bursts of data that are not typical – and we do not want to unfairly charge you for those. We measure the rate that is used for pricing as the 95th percentile of the 1-hour averages of data rates for the month. This provides you with a no-cost buffer for occasional peaks and bursts.

Does the price vary for different types of metric data?

We do not differentiate on the types of metrics data you send us. Standard metrics and custom metrics are the same price. We have many customers who send us a combination of typical system metrics, application metrics (standard and custom) and even custom business metrics.

Can I manage how many metrics are sent from the agent on a host to Tanzu Observability?

Yes, you have complete control over how much data is sent to Tanzu Observability and what that data is.

Do you charge for data collection agents?

No. We don’t care where that data comes from. You can have as many or as few data collection agents (and integrations) as you like.

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