An Embedded Operating System for the Cloud-Native Era

Never worry about OS patching again! Stemcells keep your cloud-native platform secure with an embedded Operating System (OS) that is easy to update at scale. Use stemcells to easily remediate configuration issues as well as vulnerabilities in your data center or the public cloud. Available for Linux and Windows Server!

Boost Developer and Operator Productivity an Embedded OS

Let your team focus on high value activities. Use stemcells to automate OS patching and updates—keeping your cloud-native platform secure and running smoothly with less effort.

Reliably Switch between Infrastructures

Stemcells help you move across clouds. You don’t have to worry about differences between OS images anymore!

Repave Servers from a Known Good State, Often

Stemcells help operators repair and repave large fleets of servers, reducing the risk of harmful attacks. Repaving a server requires nothing other than uploading a new stemcell and bosh recreate deployment command.


Deploying Cloud Foundry with BBL, BOSH 2.0 and CF-Deployment


A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.


A “stemcell” is a customized operating system image containing the filesystem for BOSH-managed virtual machines.

Stemcells provide a powerful separation between the OS and the other software packages bundled in a deployment. Each stemcell - no matter the underlying infrastructure - is exactly the same. This allows for rapid, reliable mobility between different infrastructure targets. Stemcells are key to the application portability delivered by TAS.

Similarly, we regularly publishes tiles for TAS tested against the latest stemcells to remedy identified vulnerabilities.

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