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What is Cloud Operations?

Cloud Operations helps manage and deliver cloud services to meet the availability, performance, recoverability, quality and scalability needs of the business. Working with cross-functional teams, it also helps develop and socialize best practices for cloud usage in multiple processes.

Support cloud operations best practices with Tanzu CloudHealth's tools for optimizing workloads and governing usage of cloud resources.

Benefits of cloud operations

Explore the ways your organization can gain from optimized cloud operations with Tanzu CloudHealth.


Cloud visibility

Gain visibility into your public cloud, hybrid cloud and containerized environments to analyze resource consumption trends. Segment data by project, application, team or department to hold teams accountable for their cloud usage.


Optimize infrastructure

Improve resource utilization and reduce wasted spend with custom rightsizing recommendations built for your workloads. Compare performance data with provisioned capacity to quickly identify assets that can be downsized or terminated.


Govern and automate

Ensure teams and projects are complying with utilization and provisioning guidelines and free up time to focus on more strategic tasks with Tanzu CloudHealth’s dynamic policy engine. Get alerted when conditions deviate from your desired state and enable automated actions to execute changes in your environment.


Standardize operations

Maintain control over your cloud environment with custom policies and workflows that are uniquely based on how you want to run your organization. Share dashboards and reports with key stakeholders to monitor how cloud performance, utilization and cost affect key business metrics and service level agreements.

"As soon as we had that visibility from CloudHealth, we were able to chip away at the problem and make sure our COGS didn’t spike if certain customers pushed the limits of our infrastructure."

Tido Carriero, Chief Product Development Officer, Twilio Segment

Best practices
for cloud operations

Implement tagging strategies

Develop a consistent tagging strategy in order to be able to report on infrastructure impacts to business units, teams, departments, applications or projects.

Define and document

Define and document what your organization considers to be standard configurations for infrastructure. Areas to consider include region, infrastructure types, OS, as well as high/low watermarks for underutilized infrastructure.

Encourage optimizations

Motivate and incentivize teams to take steps to optimize. An effective tactic for changing behavior is to show teams when there is an opportunity to optimize and what the outcome would be.

Automate actions

Implement policies and configure automated actions to reclaim employee time for more strategic tasks.

Enhance alerts and reporting

Integrate alerts and reports into tools that you already use across provisioning and orchestration, configuration management and monitoring.

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