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Cloud native applications: Ship faster, reduce risk, and grow your business

Team Perspectives

Purpose-built for the cloud model, cloud native applications enable smaller teams across organizations to deploy and deliver software faster. From retailers and manufacturers to healthcare and financial services organizations, IT teams are exploring cloud native applications for greater agility.

Thoughts about Cloud Native

A Team Perspective by Michael Coté, Director, Marketing at VMware

Growing interest in cloud native is prompting organizations looking to speed time to market to better understand cloud native goals, best practices, optimal organizational structures, and the technologies fully automating application stack infrastructure layers.

Cloud Native Blueprints for Banking

A Team Perspective by Jared Ruckle, Ford Donald, and Guillermo Tantachuco of VMware

Running IT for a bank is not easy. The job requires creativity, agility, pragmatism, and grit. After all, bank IT teams must navigate generational changes from rising consumer expectations and fintech competition to regulatory compliance & security. Organizations are capitalizing on these shifts and gaining market share by becoming cloud native.

Step-by-Step: The Journey to Cloud Native

A Team Perspective by Mike Villiger, Product Evangelist at Dynatrace, and Kamala Dasika, Product Marketing and Field Enablement Lead at VMware

Modernizing an application portfolio can be challenging. Before beginning, there are four things every business on a journey to cloud native needs to know.

How Organizations Should Think About Cloud Native Java

A Team Perspective by Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, Anne Thomas, and VMware VP of Platform Architecture, Raghvender Arni

Application platforms play a critical role in supporting cloud native endeavors. Any business considering cloud native should understand what it means and why IT staff should consider this paradigm as the way forward for an architecture strategy.