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Cloud native applications: Ship faster, reduce risk, and grow your business

Cloud Native Applications Next Steps

Cloud native requires a different mindset, approach, and technologies. The following resources have been helpful to our internal teams and our customers moving to cloud native applications.

eBook : Migrating to Cloud Native App Architectures

The adoption of cloud native application architectures enables businesses to become more agile by transforming their IT organizations. In this eBook, Matt Stine defines the unique characteristics of cloud native application architectures such as microservices and twelve-factor applications. He also examines the cultural, organizational, and technical changes necessary to migrate traditional monolithic applications and service-oriented architectures to cloud native architectures.

Presentation: Help Developers Do What They Love

During SpringOne, Onsi Fakhouri, discussed how VMware Tanzu, Spring, and Pivotal Labs help developers do what they love. Learn more about cloud native and the technologies behind digital transformation.

Cloud Native Resources

12 Factor, or Cloud Native Apps: What EXACTLY Does that Mean for Spring Developers?

Thomas Gamble of The Home Depot highlights the benefit of cloud native, providing examples and places to start for beginners in the cloud native space.

Crafting Your Cloud Native Strategy

Michael Coté’s book describes cloud native best practices and technologies to fully automate the application stack infrastructure layers with lessons and advice in the context of case studies.

Additional Resources

Discover more about how organizations are gaining unheard of application resilience and flexibility from cloud native applications.

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