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Cloud native applications: Ship faster, reduce risk, and grow your business

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Businesses are changing the world with software. Yet the continued disruption of traditional models is only possible when the right teams have the appropriate processes and technology solutions to make the impossible, possible. VMware is privileged to be teaming with recognized global brands and ecosystem partners to transform software development across industries.

Watch how Humana uses VMware Tanzu Application Service to rapidly deploy apps to improve their customers’ healthcare experience.
Learn how two years into its cloud native journey, Comcast lives on VMware Tanzu Application Service with tens of millions of transactions daily. Since 2015, the company has spun up over 900 apps, reduced time to market by 75 percent, accelerated idea to feature from weeks to days, and application scaling from months to minutes.
When planning the first product developed on VMware Tanzu Application Service, CoreLogic allocated a team of 12 engineers with 4 quality assurance software engineers and a management team. The goal was to deliver the product in 14 months. Read about how instead the project ultimately required only 1 product manager, 1 user experience designer, and 6 engineers to deliver the desired product in just 6 months.
When The Home Depot decided to make VMware Tanzu Application Service part of its IT offerings for development teams, the company was excited about the technology that could enable it to deliver value faster. Discover more about The Home Depot journey so far with VMware Tanzu Application Service with highlights of what’s been learned along the way.

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