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CI/CD: Software that’s always ready for production

Continuous integration and continuous delivery use automation to ensure that new application code is always tested, secure, and ready for deployment so teams can ship to production when the time is right.

Always be deploying with Concourse

Concourse is a CI/CD system remastered for teams that practice agile development and need to handle complex delivery permutations. Teams that run Concourse deliver their software with high frequency and predictable quality.

Using Concourse

Concourse empowers developers to achieve continuous delivery: treating every code commit as if it’s about to be deployed to production and subjecting it to the full battery of tests pre and post packaging.

  • Automate test-driven development
  • Maintain compatibility between multiple build versions
  • Target multiple platforms and configurations such as different clouds
  • Deliver frequently—weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day

Continuous delivery: Fly the friendly CI on Concourse

See how teams practice agile development in relation to developing, testing, and deploying apps on VMware Tanzu Application Service and the role that Concourse plays in aiding high-velocity delivery of applications. Learn more

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Customer Stories

For too long, the speed of business outpaced the ability of most enterprises to adapt their software accordingly. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery enable large enterprises to regain the initiative, so they’re always ready to deploy new and improved software experiences to customers.

It's easy enough to get a build pipeline setup and operational for one team, or even a handful of teams. But in a large organization that requires compliance, governance, and coordination across 100s of teams, putting good build pipelines in place takes some enterprise gumption. Learn how Home Depot scaled CI/CD across the organization without sacrificing key enterprise requirements. Watch

Implementing CI/CD can be a challenge in any large enterprises. Add strict compliance requirements and the task is harder still. That didn’t stop Cerner. Learn how the healthcare solutions company uses Concourse to move code from development to production an ISO 9001 environment. Learn more

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