CF Local

A Cloud-Native Development Toolkit for Cloud Foundry

Your New Local Development Experience

CF Local was designed to give developers a lightweight, local development experience for quickly iterating on applications and shortening feedback loops. The plugin helps users leverage the developer-focused features of the CF platform with the fast and lightweight developer experience you’ve come to expect with local development tools.

Who Should Use CF Local?

CF Local is most useful for developers who are pushing applications to Cloud Foundry. This plugin is specifically designed to be used as a local development tool instead of fully functioning Cloud Foundry instance you can run on your own machine (i.e., CF Dev, Pivotal Dev).

However, CF Local is not limited to just Cloud Foundry developers because it uses buildpacks to produce an executable artifact (i.e., a droplet) for an application. When you export this droplet via a Docker image, you can run this Cloud Foundry app anywhere that supports OCI container images.

Develop Cloud-Native Apps Faster

CF Local is a CF CLI plugin that allows you to leverage the power of buildpacks in your local development environment. Developers can now debug and troubleshoot an app that they push to Cloud Foundry right in their local development environment.

The Power of Buildpacks in Your Local Environment
  • Use buildpacks in a local development environment.
  • See instant feedback on the build process.
  • Leverage local or hosted buildpacks.

Quick Feedback Loops and Shorter Development Cycles
  • Debug an application that was built with a buildpack in a local environment.
  • Bind local apps to services on a remote CF platform.
  • Pull a remote app (i.e., droplet) from a remote CF platform and run it locally.
  • Push a locally built app to a remote CF platform.

Cloud-Native Flexibility and Portability
  • Export an app as a Docker image and run it anywhere.
  • Future-proof your Cloud Foundry apps and run them on any platform.

CF Local vs. CF Dev

When should you use CF Local instead of CF Dev?

I am... CF Local CF Dev
A developer who is iterating on an app that will be pushed to Cloud Foundry
A developer who does not have access to a Cloud Foundry instance and needs to test out pushing to Cloud Foundry
A developer who is debugging an app because it’s not running correctly on my Cloud Foundry instance
An operator who wants to learn how CF works
A developer who wants to try building my app with a buildpack but do not have access to a Cloud Foundry instance
A developer who is creating a BOSH release Cloud Foundry

Get started

CF Local is open-source software and is currently undergoing incubation with the Cloud Foundry Foundation. It is completely free to use and is supported by the Cloud Foundry community. Get started by installing the CF Local plugin with the CF CLI. Please ensure that you have Docker installed on your machine before installing the plugin.

$ cf install-plugin cflocal