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Pivotal Releases “Geode” - The In-Memory Database Powering Pivotal GemFire

Pivotal releases the open source engine that powers Pivotal GemFire; Proposes “Project Geode” for incubation by the Apache Software Foundation


Pivotal has proposed “Project Geode” for incubation by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Geode, a distributed in-memory database, will be the open source core of Pivotal GemFire®. It is available for review now at

Pivotal will contribute to, support and help build the Project Geode community while simultaneously producing its commercial distribution of Pivotal GemFire.

As announced on February 17, 2015, Geode is the first step towards open sourcing certain core components of Pivotal’s Big Data Suite. Core code in Pivotal HAWQ® and Pivotal Greenplum® will be made available to the open source community later this year.

In a related announcement, Pivotal also announced that is a now a Platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation. Read more here.

Austin, TX, ApacheCon North America, April 13, 2015 – Pivotal®, the company at the intersection of big data, PaaS, and agile development, today announced that it has released Geode, a distributed in-memory database that will be the open source core of Pivotal GemFire. Pivotal has submitted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to incubate Project Geode under ASF governance in order to grow a vibrant open source community around Geode the “Apache Way”.

Pivotal will contribute to, support and help build the Project Geode community while simultaneously producing its commercial distribution of Pivotal GemFire. Pivotal GemFire will continue to feature enterprise-level support and maintenance as well as proprietary features only available from Pivotal including native clients, continuous queries, and WAN-connectivity between clusters.

First Enterprise Class Open Source In-Memory Database

Geode is the distributed in-memory database that will form the open source core of Pivotal GemFire. It consists of over 1 million lines of code developed over 12 years by Pivotal and its predecessors. Like Pivotal GemFire, Geode is a distributed in-memory database for high scale custom applications. It provides in-memory access for all operational data spread across hundreds of nodes with a “shared nothing” architecture. This enables Geode to provide low latency data access to applications at massive scale with many concurrent transactions involving terabytes of operational data. Designed for maintaining consistency of concurrent operations across its distributed data nodes, Geode can support ACID transactions for massively scaled applications such as stock trading, financial payments and ticket sales, already proven in customer deployments of more than 10 million user transactions a day. Originally developed to serve data for mission critical applications in the financial industry, Geode offers built-in fail-over and resilient self-healing clusters to allow developers to meet the most stringent service level requirements for data accessibility.

Current customers who rely on Pivotal GemFire for critical pieces of their infrastructure will be able to directly influence the core product roadmap by joining the Project Geode community and contributing in the areas that are critical to their specific use cases. With expected governance from the ASF, customers pursuing open-source first policies can now make 100% open source decisions without sacrificing product capability, resilience or value.


Geode is currently available on Pivotal welcomes contributors and developers to download and evaluate Geode.

Supporting Quotes

Sundeep Madra, Vice President, Data Product Group, Pivotal

“The opening sourcing of core components of products in the Pivotal Big Data Suite heralds a new era of how big data is done in the enterprise. Starting with core code in Pivotal GemFire, the components we intend to contribute to the open source community are already performing in the most hardened and demanding enterprise environments. Geode is an important part of building solutions for next generation data infrastructures and we welcome the community to join us in furthering Geode’s already compelling capabilities.”

Bryan Cantrill Chief Technology Officer at Joyent

“We at Joyent first learned of Pivotal GemFire when a customer of ours selected it after an intensive evaluation of NoSQL stores. In learning about it, it sounded almost too good to be true: a professionally-developed, scalable store that rejects the false dichotomy of NoSQL and ACID. With Project Geode, GemFire need no longer be a secret: it is now available in every practitioner's toolbox -- and we look forward to seeing its broad use!”

Philippe Lantin, Senior Principal Architect, Enterprise Architecture, CDK

“We applaud Pivotal’s commitment to open source. Open source software lets us quickly get familiar with the internal structure and subtleties of a product, and better understand how we can develop solutions that take full advantage of what is available. The opportunity to contribute is of great value to our R&D engineers.”

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