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Pivotal HAWQ®, World’s Most Advanced Enterprise SQL on Apache Hadoop®, Now Certified on Hortonworks Data Platform

Open Data Platform progress gives Hortonworks customers a fully integrated and supported solution to leverage the world’s most advanced SQL analytics engine, Pivotal HAWQ


Pivotal HAWQ is now Hortonworks Data Platform certified.

Pivotal HAWQ now provides deeper integration with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and simplifies management with new support for Apache Ambari.

Today’s announcement continues on Pivotal’s previously announced unified approach to meeting enterprise data management and analytics needs through a strategic and commercial alliance with Hortonworks.

This marks the first time that the features and capabilities of Pivotal HAWQ have been made available outside of Pivotal. The availability aligns with a common Open Data Platform (ODP) Core that allows users to leverage the best-of-breed technology across providers.

San Francisco, April 27, 2015 – Pivotal® and Hortonworks® (NASDAQ:HDP) today announced that Pivotal HAWQ, a key product in the Pivotal Big Data Suite, is now available on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™), a widely used Hadoop platform. By running Pivotal HAWQ on HDP, all the benefits of the best-in-class SQL on Hadoop engine can now be leveraged by enterprises that are investing in HDP.

In addition, with new support for Apache Ambari, Pivotal HAWQ moves away from a proprietary management and configuration framework to an open source, Hadoop-native environment, minimizing the total cost of ownership in managing the Hadoop stack, including Pivotal HAWQ.

Pivotal is aligning with the work of the ODP by enabling the latest release of Pivotal HAWQ, to work out-of-the-box with HDP, now based on the ODP Core.

Pivotal HAWQ Now Certified on Hortonworks Data Platform
Pivotal HAWQ is the world’s most advanced SQL on Hadoop engine. Pivotal HAWQ’s full SQL compliance for analytic workloads addresses the business needs of enterprises much more rapidly than with the traditional Hadoop stack and has now achieved HDP Certification ensuring for customers that the integration has been rigorously tested and validated by the engineering teams at Hortonworks and Pivotal.

HDP is an enterprise-grade data management platform that enables a centralized architecture for running batch, interactive and real-time analytics and data processing applications simultaneously across shared datasets. HDP is built on Apache Hadoop®, powered by YARN, and supported by shared services for consistent operations, comprehensive security, and trusted governance for a reliable enterprise-ready data lake.

Pivotal HAWQ on HDP can be deployed by purchasing Pivotal Big Data Suite flex licenses from Pivotal and HDP from Hortonworks. Pivotal HAWQ will continue to be supported on the Pivotal’s Hadoop distribution, Pivotal HD, through the Big Data Suite license. For more information on Pivotal HAWQ and its support on HDP, please visit the HAWQ documentation page.

Supporting Quotes

Sundeep Madra, Vice President, Data Product Group, Pivotal

“Pivotal HAWQ brings a maturity to SQL on Hadoop processing that leverages a decade’s worth of product development effort on Pivotal Greenplum® Database. What makes this announcement so exciting is bringing Pivotal HAWQ closer to a common Hadoop core. We look forward to customers who are invested in the Hortonworks Data Platform to get their hands on Pivotal HAWQ and take advantage of all the benefits of the world’s most advanced, and fastest, SQL on Hadoop engine.”

John Kreisa, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks

“Pivotal is an important partner in the Hadoop ecosystem, and we are excited to see Pivotal’s commitment to supporting the Hortonworks Data Platform. The certification of Pivotal HAWQ on HDP gives our customers enterprise-grade maturity in SQL-based analytics that Pivotal HAWQ brings to the table.”

Matt Aslett, Research Director Data Platform and Analytics, 451 Research

“By certifying its HAWQ SQL-on-Hadoop engine with the Hortonworks Data Platform, Pivotal is ensuring that a wider audience of Hadoop users are able to take advantage of its proven SQL processing capabilities, while also sowing the seeds for increased adoption of the Pivotal Big Data Suite. Taking advantage of Apache Ambari’s Stacks definition means that HAWQ can also be managed alongside other elements of the Hortonworks Data Platform.”


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