Curated image catalog

Trusted, pre-packaged application components that are continuously maintained and verifiably tested for use in production environments.

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How do I use VMware Application Catalog?

Streamline development with a continuously maintained catalog of open source containers and virtual machine images.

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Choose your software

Browse the extensive Bitnami library for open source software to use in production. There’s everything from runtimes and databases to developer productivity tools.

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Specify your operating system

Upload your golden image, and VMware Application Catalog will build and test your image on top of it. Don’t have one? No problem—use our secure base OS.

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Deploy with confidence

With your app catalog automatically updating, you always deploy the most secure stack. It’s easy to run audits on open source libraries and binaries, too.

A trusted library of the tools you need

Move faster by leveraging secure, open source components for app development.


Developer convenience

Rapidly innovate with a self-service catalog of open source building blocks such as application components, databases, and runtimes. All of the containers and charts in your catalog are tested in multiple platforms, and are continuously maintained so you don’t need to worry about config management tools or manual updates. It gives you more time to focus on writing code.

Operator confidence

Gain the confidence that your open source images conform to your security requirements, are built on your OS of choice, and are automatically updated. VMware Application Catalog is fully transparent, too—you can easily access critical details about the open source libraries and binaries in every image through an intuitive user interface.

Why VMware Application Catalog?

Leverage enterprise-grade, pre-packaged, open source software without risk.

Keep images up to date

Standardize open source software across your organization on a catalog that is consistently updated from known and trusted sources.

Transform DevOps into DevSecOps

Bring developers, security, and operations together to automate critical processes and controls.

Improve developer productivity

Enable developers to focus on innovation by automating patches, upgrades, and dependency management.

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