Best-of-breed middleware platform

App Suite is an open standards web application middleware platform that enables
developers and operations to accelerate delivery of cloud-scale applications.

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The App Suite is based on leading standalone open-source application middleware and runs independently of Tanzu. The App Suite compliments Tanzu as an architectural stepping stone, as its key technologies are now fully incorporated. Applications that run on App Suite today are well-suited to migrate to Tanzu.


Commercial Products

24 x 7 Production Support for Open Source

Developer support is included in App Suite.


Licensed Per Core

  1. When operating the Software in a “bare metal” environment (which means (i) a physical machine without a hypervisor product capable of creating Virtual Machines) or (ii) not within a cloud service environment), a “Core” is a single, computational unit of the Processor
  2. When operating the Software in a hypervisor (Virtual Machine) environment, a “Core” equals a single unit of virtual processing power (commonly referred to as a single-core “vCPU”) configured to each Virtual Machine
  3. When operating the Software in a public cloud services environment, a “Core” is the basic, most granular unit of computational power as defined by the cloud service provider. This may include, but is not limited to such units expressed as the number of “vCPUs,” “virtual CPUs,” “virtual cores,” and “dynos.”

Pivotal Launches App Suite

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